Algonquin Woodland Metis Anisnabek Tribe

Chief Al Marentette

I was born in a small town there wasn't much to do fortunately for me.I say fortunate because that left lots of room for me to be taken under wing,hunting ,fishing ,and mechanics.I've always lived on native land and never even knew it. Our house in LaSalle was located on what was traditionally Wyandotte ( Huron) land, it overlooked Turkey Creek ,I spent a lot of my youth,fishing spearing,trapping and hunting there.when I got older i graduated to the Detroit river where I grew into a River rat.Not that all my time was limited to the water we also had bush,a lot of time was spent there as well.In my youth as a teenager I started with the snowmobiles and dirt bikes on land and always seemed to have a boat,this is where the mechanics came in.Most of my adult life was spent on the water it always seem to call,and at times still does.I became divorced in my early 30's,this was the start to me really looking at myself. the breaking up of my family really showed me that it wasn't just family I was missing because there had always been a hole in my spirit.I searched for different avenue's, Wicca being one of them but it never quite fit.I did know I was grounded when outside in nature,and I had always heard that my ancestors where Native.This self examination led me to the realization that if I didn't know where I was from how did I know where I was going.I had a friend who was native help me with my spiritual Quest and for that I'll be forever grateful,This definatley was the right fit.This path has brought me to where I am at today,I know who I am,I have 7 native lines and 3 of them going back to the Great Chief about big shoe's to fill.I have been asked to Lead,and to those who will Follow I'm sure it will be an interesting Path.